Customisable stickers: a must for digital agencies

Customisable stickers: a must for digital agencies

To increase the visibility of your communication agency, there is nothing better than creating your own custom brand stickers . For both internal and external use, personalised brand stickers are a simple, inexpensive and effective communication tool. It’s an easy tool to implement into your communication strategy in order to stand out from your competitors and catch the attention of potential new customers.

Personalised round stickers: an asset for your communication agency

As an example, these are two digital agencies that trust Stickeryeti with creating their own personalised round stickers to increase their brand visibility. We are talking about Shift01 based in Vienna, Austria and Hello Donuts based in Switzerland, in Lausanne, Fribourg, Geneva and Zurich. But how do these two communication agencies use customised brand stickers?



At the Austrian agency Shift01, the round multi-purpose stickers are applied to various objects, mainly laptops and employee diaries/notebooks. These custom stickers, personalised with the digital agency's logo, help shape the brand identity internally and unite all employees around the same corporate identity. Our brand logo stickers could also feature other important information, such as the website address, in order to be distributed free of charge to clients, prospects or the general public.


I want to personalise my own round stickers


At the Swiss digital agency Hello Donuts, round stickers are used in every corner of the business: "Everywhere, for goodness sake! In our offices, where we are proud of our grey matter, our colourful stickers can be found on every surface. Notebooks with white notes, water bottles on which we display our love of blue gold... our logo is everywhere! Let's let it be green on our phones for a late call and let's live life in pink. These stickers unite a team that honours its colours. With their fast and simple online service, Stickeryeti shows their colours. So we're telling you without a doubt: Hello Donuts is on board", says Laure Gasser, Office Manager of the Swiss communication agency.


Why choose to personalise round stickers?

Just like the two communication agencies Shift01 and Hello Donuts, you could opt for your own personalised brand stickers in a round shape . This shape brings a modern touch and every logo, image or message can easily be applied in countless ways. The round sticker, one of Yeti's bestsellers, is highly appreciated for its style that changes from the traditional square and rectangular cut-outs, to amore modern and fun shape.

Custom round stickers are perfect for displaying your agency's logo, your slogan, an engaging message, your website and address or any other image you want. Not quite happy with the round cut? You can instead choose to create oval stickers, which will add another dimension to your visuals.


Stickers with your company logo for brand awareness

Make your logo and your brand colours visible to the outside world with round custom stickers, perfect for digital agencies. Whether you want to hand them out to clients and prospects who pass by your agency or to various people at external events, these custom stickers for communication agencies will always catch people's attention and leave a lasting impression. They should reflect your visual identity and brand image as much as possible.



For your clients and potential clients, make sure you also display your logo, colours and brand identity in your premises. For this you can use customised wall stickers , and also  stickers specially designed for floors and windows. Your communication agency should reflect your identity and values from the moment people come into contact with your business. Use wall and floor stickers for signage or simply to display your logo, or window stickers to decorate the glass surfaces on your premises in the most beautiful way.

Creativity is one of your main assets, so give it free rein and create the most original custom brand stickers, while remaining true to your identity. The goal? To seek constant visibility so that your logo and colours, your visual and corporate identities remain in people's minds!


Agency stickers to unite internally

Customisable stickers for digital agencies are not only suitable for external use, they’re also important for internal use. Hand out the customised brand stickers you have created to your employees as it's a good way to unite them around your brand. These personalised stickers can easily be stuck on different surfaces such as laptops, phones, tote bags, diaries or notebooks and all sorts of goodies. Don't forget that your employees are the ambassadors of your brand and it is through them that the identity of your communication agency is spread. 



In addition to having round multi-purpose personalised stickers for increased visibility, branding and promotion of your communication agency, you can build your own brand universe inside your offices. Choose wall, floor or window stickers and display your visual identity - your colours, your logo and your values - throughout your premises. This will also have an impact on your employees, who will feel immersed and united around your brand, its culture and its atmosphere.


How can I personalise stickers for my digital agency?

It's very simple! All you have to do is choose the type of sticker you want - multi-purpose , stickers for walls and floors , label rolls , iron-on labels for textiles - and the size, quantity and finish you’d like. If you pick the multi-purpose stickers, you can choose between several shapes: round, oval, rounded corners, square, rectangular, custom shape or other special cut-outs. Multi-purpose stickers are the most practical agency stickers to stick onto things or give to your employees and customers. 



To direct, label, communicate or simply decorate the premises of your communication agency, you can choose floor stickers which are designed with a resistant material ensuring long-lasting adhesion on all smooth floors. Wall stickers, on the other hand, can be removed without leaving any trace or damaging the walls. Need window stickers instead? Choose our multi-purpose stickers and personalise them!


I'll get started!


Then, simply upload the design you want to appear on your custom company stickers: logo, symbol, shape, message, image, anything that best represents your brand identity, reinforces its visibility and helps to spread and promote it. For certain multi-purpose sticker shapes, you can even create your design directly through our online editor. This is the ideal solution for those who have an idea in mind but no design ready! Once you've sent us your design, our designers will add the cutting line and send you a digital proof for confirmation. That's it!